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Returning Home

In order to make the move back home as smooth as possible, you should start to prepare about four months before you leave the U.S. Many returning students mistakenly think that the return process will not require much adjustment since they are returning home to a familiar environment. Don’t fall into that trap! Depending on how long you have been gone, how much you and those back home have changed, and how much you adapted to the U.S., you might actually need more time to adjust than when you first arrived in the U.S.

Ideally, you should take a Returning Home course, workshop or seminar to learn about the specific challenges returnee students often experience. If you cannot find that kind of workshop offered in your area, you should at least meet with other
students who will also return to their home countries at the end of the semester, or a friend willing to talk with you about the process.

Moving out of the country requires much more organization, planning and preparation than a move across town. You shouldn't wait until the last few weeks of your time in the U.S. to begin this process. If you begin working through all the details before the last month, you will feel much less stress and upheaval during those hectic final days.

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